Victory through air power by Major Oleksandr

By Major Oleksandr

Severskys effect at the improvement of the yank technique of Strategic Bombardment in WWII was once huge. one of many books that made a true switch in background. very good learn.

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This campaign has become so brutal, so systematic, that it can only be characterized as genocidal,' said Dr. Levi M. Roque of the Nong Khai camp. 'It is punitive, for the Meos fought with the Americans. '44 The most important sources of the gassing story at this time, however, were two unnamed French doctors who were widely reported as claiming to have treated several survivors of gas attacks and to have collected 'more than 150 detailed eyewitness accounts'. They claimed 'the gas is similar to hyperite', a toxic gas used in Flanders during the First World War.

If they are all from the same group of seventy eight refugees who came out of that area - which is possible - then their accounts are rendered even more unreliable. The planes involved in the alleged attacks differ, the mode of delivery differs, and the colours of the 'gases' differ from one story to the ncxt. The symptoms from each of the accounts also vary except for blurred vision, vomiting and difficult breathing. Only the last strongly correlates with a chemical attack, but could equally have been caused by smoke, cordite fumes, a riot-control gas or indeed be an index of common respiratory problems.

Hearing k f o r e the Subcommittee o n Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, 96th Congress. 12 December 1979. us Government Printing Office, Washington 1980. Hereafter cited as Heuring. 2) Reports on the Use of' Chemical Weapons in A~hunisran,Laos and Kumpuchea, August 1980. A compilation put together by the us Government, hereafter cited as Compendium. 3) Update to the Compendium on che Reports o f f h e Use ofChemical Weapons, March 1981. Also produced by the us Government and hereafter cited as Update.

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