USN Aircraft Carrier Air Units, Volume 2: 1957-1963 - by Duane Kasulka, Don Greer

By Duane Kasulka, Don Greer

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Small calculations make it possible to eliminate exaggerated troop figures, and sometimes cast more light on the causes of victory or defeat. This method does not, however, permit us to settle once and for all whether an army consisted of 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000 men, except in quite unusual cases where we know exactly when the various troop units arrived. Such a check can also be applied when an army marches over a bridge before a battle, or goes out to battle through a city gate. This happened at the battle of Antioch in 1098.

MATTHEW BENNETT Page 1 I Historiographical Problems Weaknesses of Modern Military Historians in Discussing Medieval Warfare Few historical problems have received such unfortunate treatment at the hands of historians as that of the art of war in the Middle Ages. This arises from several causes. In particular, it is not easy to be deeply versed in the military problems of the period and at the same time to possess considerable knowledge of medieval historical writing, with its peculiar problems of historical criticism.

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