Unsung Heroes (Dragonlance, Dlr3 Accessory) by Bruce Nesmith

By Bruce Nesmith

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That she would willingly lay down her own life to save a friend, but this notion has never actually been put to the test. In all her time in the arena, she has never been called upon to sacrifice herself in favor of Boinias, her greatest friend. Background: A native of Taladas, Tranea is the product of minotaur brutality, forcing her parents to have offspring to increase their stable of human slaves. Tranea knew her parents by sight, but never knew the love of a regular household. Until her coming of age she was raised by her competent but unloving grandmother.

LAFALLOT REYELHART 14th-level Renegade Mage Race: Alignment: Move: AC: THAC0: Hit Points: Qualinesti Elf Chaotic good 12 +2 16 40 10 Strength: Dexterity: 16 Constitution: 15 Intelligence: 17 10 Wisdom: Charisma: 14 Proficiencies: Land-based riding (horse), artistic ability (painting), ancient history, astrology, herbalism, religion, spellcraft, swimming, rope use, tumbling, ventriloquism, reading/writing (Common, Qualinesti), modern languages (Gnomish, Qualinesti) Armor: Bracers of defense AC 2, ring of protection +2 Weapons: Two daggers +1, quarterstaff +4, sling, 40 sling bullets Equipment: Ring of shocking grasp, hat of disguise, dust of illusion, boots of varied tracks, philter of glibness, oil of slipperiness, sovereign glue, Branchala's paints, wand of wonder, firebane cloak, paint brush, spell book with most conjuration/summoning, illusion/phantasm, and invocation/evocation spells.

Tatanya currently has the following thieving skills: PP 35%; OL 55%; F/RT 45%; MS 50%; HS 45%; DN 45%; CW 85%; RL 20%. Attitudes: On the surface Tatanya appears friendly, open, and helpful. She seems happy and often flirtatious. Underneath this facade, however, Tatanya is cold, calculating and manipulative. She uses her looks and false attitudes to take others off guard. This ability to fool others is extremely useful when Tatanya is working as a bounty hunter. She has often enticed her prey to secluded places and turned them over or extracted information, frequently without her victims’ knowledge.

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