Typographic Contrast, Color, & Composition by Kimberly Elam

By Kimberly Elam

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In the larger example, below right, the transparent serif 3 takes on a different sense as it overlaps the roman 3. The change in angle, contrast in slant, is readily apparent as is the comparison of serif and sans serif. 48 3 Without Contrast in Slant All three numbers are roman. With Contrast in Slant The light orange italic and transparent 3 is contrasted with the blue roman 3 and gray roman 1. Contrast in Slant, Roman to Italic Loni Diep 246, Barbados Baskerville Sarah Alwassia 515, Des Moines Times, Helvetica 49 Azure Harper 617, Boston New Century Schoolbook Azure Harper 617, Boston New Century Schoolbook Contrast in Slant, Roman to Italic Sara Coburn 612, Minneapolis Univers, Künstler Script Zach Hunt 818, Los Angeles Baskerville, Futura 50 Nathan Hardy 305, Miami Sabon Sara Coburn 612, Minneapolis Univers, Fette Fraktur Contrast in Slant, Roman to Italic Michael Johnston 313, Detroit Baskerville, Univers Michael Johnston 313, Detroit Garamond, Helvetica 51 Amanda Clark 602, Phoenix Times, Sabon 2 2 0 Amanda Clark 602, Phoenix Univers 55 Contrast in Width, Condensed to Expanded The contrast between condensed and expanded letter forms is rarely seen in graphic design.

If the work is to be coherent the composition of the elements must be focused toward the communication of the contrast of size. It is possible to solve the contrast in scale problem with only small changes in size. However, the goal in all of the contrasts is to solve the problem in such a way that the contrast in scale becomes the most important visual force on the page. In the example below left, the composition has a very modest change in scale. The contrast in scale becomes more exaggerated and clear below right.

This composition is even more dynamic because of the contrast in serif, the increased volume of black, and small geometric counter of the 0 punctuated with the accent color, white. 57 Without Contrast in Serif All three numbers are serif letter forms. With Contrast in Serif The serif 7 and 2 are contrasted with the sans serif black 0.

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