Twelve Keys Of Basilius Valentinus: Alchemical Manuscripts by Philip Wheeler

By Philip Wheeler

Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine is likely one of the most vital alchemical works to be had to fashionable scholars. First released in 1599 with no illustrations, it completed wider distribution as a part of the Tripus Aureus (Golden Tripod) compendium edited via Michael Maier and released at Frankfurt in 1618 through Lucas Jennis. Lucas Jennis supplied twelve engraved plates, one for every of the keys. those plates drew upon the allegorical descriptive imagery of the textual content and extra coherence to the symbolism.

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Out of stones the master also prepares lime by burning which is very useful for our work– But before they are prepared with fire, they are mere stones. The stone must be matured and rendered fervent with fire, and then it becomes so potent that few things are to be compared to the fiery spirit of lime. By burning anything to ashes you may gain its salt. If in this dissolution the sulphur and mercury be kept apart, and restored to its salt, you may once more obtain that form which was destroyed by the process of combustion.

First, our Matter should be carefully purified, then dissolved, destroyed, decomposed, and reduced to dust and ashes. Thereupon prepare from it a volatile spirit, which is white as snow, and another volatile spirit, which is red as blood. These two spirits contain a third, and are yet but one spirit. Now these are the three spirits which preserve and multiply life. Therefore unite them, give them the meat and drink that Nature requires, and keep them in a warm chamber until the perfect birth takes place.

But in the summer he approaches nearer to us, the quality of the air becomes more fiery, and the snow melts and is transmuted by warmth into water. For that which is weak is always compelled to yield to that which is strong. The same moderate course must be adopted in the fiery regimen of our Magistery. For it is all important that the liquid should not be dried up too quickly, and that the earth of the Sages should not be melted and dissolved too soon, otherwise your fishes would be changed into scorpions.

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