Thinking Skills Grades 5-6

Aid your scholars turn into 21st-century challenge solvers through introducing them to a huge variety of critical-, creative-, and logical-thinking skills!The forty four enjoyable, innovative classes use downloadable interactive charts and reproducible perform pages to assist scholars increase vital skills.Interactive and reproducible actions inspire scholars as they perform pondering skills:Critical ThinkingSorting, Classifying: Let's Get Organized!, Endangered Mammals of the ocean, the place Do They Live?, delicate? White? Furry?, How Does Your backyard Grow?, WildflowersAnalyzing: It's at the Map, Mapping the TruthObserving: A Buggy PuzzleOrdering: Getting SpecificEvaluating: Proverbially SpeakingCreative ThinkingFluency: big name excursions, Strike Up the BandProblem fixing: It's Your selection, an analogous SumMental Imagery: what is going to the elements Be Today?, The Barnyard Race, dice Gymnastics, Sandbox SquabbleLogical ThinkingAnalogies: Analogies, extra Analogies, darkish, chilly Night/Bright, sizzling DayDeductive Reasoning: replicate, reflect, unusual tourists, on the Zoo, The Bus Riders, kingdom timber, Syllogisms, foolish Syllogisms, well-known Mountains Blow Their Tops, subscribe to the choose and Shovel membership, quick supply, The Collectors' membership, The Cake stroll, malicious program trivialities, incomes a dwelling in 1860, The Quiet Quilters, a significant DiscussionPatterning: quantity PatternsGeneralizing: In Days passed by, Wildflower HarvestProblem fixing: vacation buying, The sweet shop,

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Krakatau is in Indonesia, and Mt. St. Helens is in the United States of America. B. Krakatau is in Italy, and Mt. St. Helens is in Martinique. Hint: Krakatau is not in Italy or the Philippines, so mark an X for Krakatau on the grid below Italy and the Philippines. Now go back to 2. Which statement is correct? Write on the chart where it belongs. Now you are on your way and on your own. ue Mar tiniq a US A y nesi Ital Indo Phi lippi nes 3. A. Mt. Pinatubo is in the Philippines, and Mt. St. Helens is in the United States of America.

Write the answers to the easiest clues first. • There are two vowels and two consonants in the word. • The two consonants are not next to each other. • One of the vowels is the first letter in the alphabet. • One of the consonants comes right before the letter O in the alphabet. )BWFTUVEFOUTTPMWFUIFFYBNQMFGPS1VTT • The first consonant in the word is the twenty-second letter in the alphabet. • The second vowel is not E, O, or U. ZUIT With a group of your classmates, brainstorm a list of interesting characters you have read about in fairy tales and stories.

They saw lions, monkeys, zebras, and giraffes. • Zebras were not the first animals they saw. • They saw the lions before the monkeys, but after the giraffes. • The giraffes were the tallest animals they saw. • They saw the monkeys before the zebras, but after the lions. In what order did the class see the animals at the zoo? /"/+<87371 $MVF5IFHJSBGGFTXFSFUIFUBMMFTUBOJNBMTUIFZTBX 5IJTDMVF EPFTOUHJWFBOZJOGPSNBUJPOUIBUIFMQTUPBOTXFSUIFRVFTUJPO  /@58=2/< Mrs. Hubbard has just come back from a shopping trip for her four children.

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