Things Past by Malcolm Muggeridge

By Malcolm Muggeridge

Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge was once an English journalist, writer, media character, and satirist. in the course of global struggle II, he was once a soldier and a undercover agent. he's credited with popularising mom Teresa and in his later years turned a Catholic.

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He looked round at his room ; in a basement and w ith one small window. ’ ‘Ghastly failure. Ghastly misunderstanding. Ghastly betrayal. But I don’t m ind that. To me the th in g’s justified because o f its beginnings. Because for a little w hile the masses stirred, became coherent, dominant. What had to happen, happened; and nothing 46 can ever alter the fact that it happened, or that, in happening, it made the world different. ’ W raithby knew the streets in Salford where Blythe had grow n up.

As for passive resistance as a weapon, Gandhi has shown that it can sometimes be used w ith effect, though even he has admitted that its use in India led to outbreaks o f violence, and that it failed to achieve its object because o f the m oral delinquency o f his followers. In any case, it is a form o f coercion, a sort o f spiritual blockade, entailing often as m uch hardship and suffering as a physical one. ‘Do what I want you to,’ Gandhi said in effect to the Government o f India, ‘or I shall instruct m y followers to make it 5° impossible for you to govern.

The ardour and courage o f youth,’ W raithby whispered to Mosser. Was this the real Russia? A circus whose splendour had faded. No change except that its energy was spent. N othing new about the circus except its disorder and shabbiness. The horses did their tricks stiffly like old men kneeling down in church; and the trainer’s whip cracked w ithout conviction. ‘This is the past,’ Mosser whispered back. ‘In process o f being liquidated. Sad, perhaps; but necessary. ’ W raithby asked. ‘Out in the factories; in the great collective farm s; in the theatres w ith their livin g revolutionary art; in concerts where workers meet to listen to the best music, afterwards to discuss .

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