The Worm Ouroboros (Millennium Fantasy Masterworks) by E. R. Eddison

By E. R. Eddison

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The serving man hastened and returned, saying, "Lord, it is an Ambassador from Witchland and his train. Their ship made land at Lookinghaven-ness at nightfall. They slept on board, and your soldiers gave them escort to Galing at break of day. " said Juss. " "Shall's bid the fellow," said Spitfire, "wait on our pleasure? " Goldry laughed and said, "Whom hath he sent us? Laxus, think you? " Juss said to the serving man, "Thou sawest the Ambassador. " "Lord," answered he, "His face was strange to me.

And the laws of your wrastling are that neither shall strangle his adversary with his hands, nor bite him, nor claw nor scratch his flesh, nor poach out his eyes, nor smite him with his fists, nor do any other unfair thing against him, but in all other respects ye shall wrastle freely together. " Without more ado the King stepped into the wrastling ground on his side, and Goldry Bluszco on his, and they cast aside their rich mantles and stood forth naked for the wrastling. And folk stood silent for admiration of the thews and sinews of those twain, doubting which were mightier of build and likelier to gain the victory.

He bore in mind all that had happened, and told his father, but he bade him tell it to Hjallti Skeggi's son. " "I'm too much of a lazy-bones to-night, dear," she answered. "Do you mind if I go alone, then? I shall be back to breakfast. I like my lady with me; still, we can go again when next moon wanes. " she said, laughing. But her eyes were a little big. Her fingers played with his watch-chain. "I'd rather," she said presently, "you went later on and took me. All this is so odd still: the House, and that; and I love it so.

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