THE VAMPIRE GATE : The Vampyre Magickian by Michael W. Ford

By Michael W. Ford

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These are the names of the Twelve Princes and Tribes of the Qlippoth who are the heads of the months of the year. BAIRIRON — ARIES (March 20 – April 19th) -Active Fire They are from the Dragon Spirit, the one of Flames, the Fourth Evil Force; Samael the Black. Their colors are black and they appear as a Dragon-Lion. ADIMIRON — TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) -Fixed Earth Whose colors are blood, mixed with water and dull yellow and gray. Their form is that of lion lizards who the Vampyre Magickian may use to drink of the vitality of those in large public gatherings.

35 4. Draw in 9 deep breaths from both your nostrils and mouth. Exhale slowly, controlling your bodily movements. Keep calm during ritual. 5. You may conduct this several times and different days. You may notice by this process the focus individual will grow tired and sick. Use caution in ritual focused vampirism. Responsibility is of course the most important. People should never be harmed by any vampyric process. 6. Rituals are essential in establishing a link with the Luciferian current. It does not matter if you “believe” in the subjective “spirit” world or if you view it as a psychological link OR BOTH.

Drain and leave the victim sleeping. VAMPYRISM AND NOCTURNAL FEEDING The Vampyre Magickian who is preparing to feed must establish who will be fed from. Once this has been determined, the Magickian must practice a form of mediation to gain control of the body and further strengthen the subconscious desire to drain. At the point of sleep, your focus should be on the one you intend to visit. Remember, the goal is never to harm another – it is to drain enough energy to grow strong from without harming your subjects own astral energy.

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