Princess of Power - The Sword of She-Ra by Roger McKenzie

By Roger McKenzie

An model of the motion picture the key of the Sword, The Sword of She-Ra is brief and candy! It starts with Adam speaking to the Sorceress in fortress Grayskull; there he's given his undertaking: locate the landlord of the Sword of safety! Prince Adam and Cringer plow through a portal and are fast greeted by way of Bow and Kowl who're battling a band of Horde soldiers. He is helping them, and fast joins the uprising. in the meantime, within the Fright area, Shadow Weaver tells Hordak mysterious stranger will carry hassle to the Horde. again to the Rebels, Adam meets Glimmer, purely to profit that her mom has been captured through the Horde, and has to be rescued. Madame Razz appears to be like, and takes them to Beast Island the place she is being held prisoner. Prince Adam turns into He-Man and meets Adora for the 1st time. She stuns the rebels and takes the sword. Then, the Sorceress seems and tells her of her future. She turns into She-Ra, saves the rebels, and fights the Horde, whereas Glimmer frees Angella. there's a touching finishing whilst He-Man returns to Eternia and says sturdy bye to She-Ra.

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