The Role of Virtue Ethics in the Analysis of Business

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Instead of fostering communication with your client, it’s actually obfuscating the matter. You need to know when to use “inside baseball” language and when not to. You need to really know your audience. Some people might like loose, casual language (clients), other might favor stilted legal prose (old school judges). It’s your responsibility to know when to use which type of language. ) in mind. You don’t need to use overwrought language; you need to use precise language. Your point needs to be presented naturally, your meaning clear.

So it was full of law students. Guess who else was there? The Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy Dress Ball. The lobby was full of people in period antebellum costume and uniform. It was beyond surreal. To say that it was uncomfortable for some of the students is an understatement. With all that being said, I went out and threw back beers for a couple hours between the second and third days of the Bar. I passed easily. Your mileage may vary. But the reason I felt confident in doing so was that I had over-prepared for the Bar Exam.

I suspect that his advice and experience, and even his language, will better suit your needs than that of a greybeard like me. Even if I said the exact same thing as Keith, it would come off like a lecture from your father or your boss. This is too important for you to ignore. But make no mistake, Keith’s perspective is neither one of a new lawyer nor old lawyer, but one of a lawyer who refuses to let himself be beaten down by a troubled profession and instead chooses to succeed. It can be done.

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