The Reformer (The Raj Whitehall Series, Book 7) by S.M. Stirling

By S.M. Stirling

After the cave in of the galactic net, civilizations crumbled and chaos reigned on millions of planets. merely on planet Bellevue used to be there a distinction. There, a Fleet conflict machine named heart had survived from the outdated civilization. whilst it came across Raj Whitehall, the fellow who may perhaps execute its plan for reviving human civilization, he and heart began Bellevue again at the highway resulting in the celebrities; and whilst Bellevue reached that objective, middle despatched copies of itself and Raj to the hundreds of thousands of worlds nonetheless expecting the sunshine of civilization to dawn.

On Hafardine, civilization had fallen extra than so much. That males got here from the celebs used to be now not even a rumor of reminiscence in Adrian Gellert's day. The Empire of Vanbret unfold around the lands in a sterile elegance which can simply lead to one other cave in, extra ignominious and whole than the 1st. Adrian Gellert used to be a thinker, a scholar whose maximum hope used to be a lifetime of contemplation within the carrier of wisdom...until he touched the "holy relic" that contained the disincarnate minds of Raj Whitehall and middle. On that day, Adrian's look for knowledge could lead him to a lifetime of motion, from the law-courts of Vanbret to the pirate towns of the Archipelago -- and battlefields bloodier than whatever within the historical past he'd discovered. The prize was once the way forward for humanity.

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You're learning. " The other man grunted as his back struck the hard-packed dirt of the corral. Esmond stepped back panting; he had a graze under his right eye that was seeping blood, and his left thumb had been painfully wrenched. The six men who'd offered to take their new employer on were in considerably worse shape, though some of them had shown a thoroughgoing mastery of informal all-in style. " he asked. There were thirty men grouped around the entrance to the corral. All Emeralds; none too young—most of them had a few years on him—and all fairly hard-bitten.

Tell him,Raj said at last. however, this is an unnecessary risk to you, our operative, and does not advance the prime objective to any significant degree. That was a long speech, from Center. Raj's voice held a flash of amusement:Center's learned to trust me when it comes to judging men. You're going to do it, son—I would, if I were you and I were alive—and we might as well give you all the help we can. Adrian nodded, startling the slave with the funnel again, and walked out into the bright morning light.

Thencrack . . crack . . crack . . as three more arched into windows on the third story of the facade. The bleeding trunk of a man collapsed out of one slit opening, trailing tattered arms and a runnel of blood down the smoke-dimmed whitewash. The second gave only screams, but the third added a gout of flame. "Must have had a pot of boiling oil over a fire," Adrian muttered. " More grenades arched out, for the windows, and a dozen or more over the rooftree. His own snapped into the bulged framework of the bronze grill, and blasted a corner of it out in a shower of wood splinters and metal fragments that pinged and whined off the wall and the street.

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