The Phantom Menace - Pocket Money Treats

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Let’s face it, you’d have a miserable childhood if you went without these things altogether – you might even end up being an adult with a serious addiction to them, desperate to make up for your years of deprivation. However, the fact is, we owe it to our children to impose some kind of limits on foods of the ‘naughty but nice’ variety. Aim to have sensible boundaries in mind when it comes to very high-sugar or salty foods like crisps, rich cakes, ice cream or sweets, especially if they have little else going for them nutritionally.

2 Skinner, Carruth, Bounds and Ziegler: Children’s Food Preferences: A Longitudinal Analysis, (2002). 54 DWDE Final text:Layout 1 24/4/09 16:18 Page 55 3 Your input: The importance of setting a good example What this chapter covers: ● Attitudes to eating are laid down early in life ● Why you need to eat your greens too ● Why we should eat our meals at the table ● Enjoying the same meal, together ● How to make your children ‘foodies’ ● Get the balance right 55 DWDE Final text:Layout 1 24/4/09 16:18 Page 56 Dealing with Difficult Eaters Attitudes to eating are laid down early in life If we want our kids to have good eating habits and a healthy attitude towards food, then of course, it’s largely down to us to pass those things on.

In hot weather, or if they’ve been exercising, they’ll need an extra cup or two on top. Water is by far the best drink for children, with milk and diluted fruit juice fine in limited amounts (too much milk can spoil their appetite and fruit juice is high in natural sugar). Squash should be avoided or at least very carefully rationed as it’s high in sugar and, unlike fruit juice, has nothing else in the way of nutrients going for it – if you do give squash, try and stick to one cup a day, make sure it’s very well diluted (at least one part squash to nine parts water), and serve up only at mealtimes, when the affect of sugars on the teeth are reduced.

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