The Night Cafe by Taylor Smith

By Taylor Smith

Employed by means of her sister's buddy, a gallery proprietor, Hannah units out to move a minor artist's portray to its consumer in Puerto Vallarta. but if Hannah arrives on the supply aspect, she unearths the tail finish of a bloodbath and is almost killed herself. She hides the portray, fearing it isn't a meal price tag yet a demise warrant, and flees again to the States. however it simply will get worse for her in L.A. The gallery proprietor has been killed, and Hannah is called because the homicide suspect. for you to turn out her innocence, she needs to search out the person that framed her…and discover the key of a perilous murals.

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But I really need your help. I don’t know who else to ask. I’d carry it down there myself, except I can’t afford to leave the gallery for two days. ” Hannah sighed. Ten grand was a nice little bite out of her tax bill. She really had no business walking away from easy money, especially since her dance card wasn’t exactly full at the moment. At the same time, experience had taught her to trust her gut about certain people, and instinct told her that anything involving a character like Gladding could come back to bite her in the ass.

I’d love to do more of this, though. ” Rebecca shook her ketchup-red spikes. “All that financial overhead. Long hours. ” “It can be. ” Rebecca’s right hand seesawed. “Middling big. The purchase price is just over a quarter mil, plus my commission. ” Hannah did the math in her head, then whistled. “Fifty grand for a few hours’ work. ” “I wish. Believe me, I don’t usually get to play in this big sandbox. That’s why I’m not about to say no to this. Whatever this buyer needs, I’m happy to try to get it for him, even if I’m not crazy about his choices.

My family, near and far, is unfailingly supportive. ), Anna and Kate. I am thinking of frankly accepting my role as madman. —Vincent van Gogh, in a letter to his brother, Theo, March 24, 1889 Just because I am always bowed down under this difficulty of paying my landlord, I made up my mind to take it gaily. I swore at the said landlord, who after all isn’t a bad fellow, and told him that to revenge myself for paying him so much money for nothing, I would paint the whole of his rotten shanty so as to repay myself.

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