The Montenegrin Warrior Tradition: Questions and by Branko Banovi?

By Branko Banovi?

The Montenegrin Warrior culture analyzes identification debates that experience built within the Montenegrin public concerning the query of Montenegro's accession to NATO and explores how narratives created for that goal, often consultant of "culture wars", were associated with Montenegrin identification, historical past, and Montenegrin masculinity.

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Imagine my whole family sitting for a polygraph test, and all of us are asked one question: did your father/grandfather/great grandfather come from Cairo to defend d Montenegro? The answer would be affirmative and the monitors would for each and every one of us show a normal heartbeat and regular pulse. That is it. Truth has been constructed. Aggression became defense, and occupation became liberation! To give another example, as a boy I grew up watching the very popular TV series “Otpisani,” about diversions carried out by a group of Yugoslav partisan fighters during World War II.

Their participation in fighting is ensured through recruitment, punishing desertion, the promise of reward (anything from decoration, education, all the way to women as trophies in certain cultures), as well as stigmatizing any refusal to fight as cowardly and failing the basic test of manliness (Goldstein 2004: 815–817). Wars had a strong impact on gender relations and the shaping of masculinity, and the connection between sex and gender is particularly destabilized and intensified during wartime.

Nine months of research revealed to Mead that crises of puberty are not a universal phenomenon and that maturing in Samoa passes rather peacefully, without adolescent crises, so characteristic in American society of the time. Her conclusion was that the social environment shapes the behavior of adolescents (Mid1978 [1928]). Shortly thereafter (1935), having previously mapped out gender roles in contemporary American society, Mead observed three tribes (the Arapesh, Mundugumor, and Tchambuli) in New Guinea and studied the gender roles and behavior of men and women of the island’s tribes.

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