The Jewish Revolt AD 66-74 (Campaign, Volume 252) by Si Sheppard

By Si Sheppard

The slender strip of land now occupied by way of the fashionable country of Israel is the place all paths from Europe, Asia, and Arabia needs to come jointly earlier than they circulate Africa and has been the world's so much hotly contested piece of territory for millennia. Occupied by way of Pompey the nice from sixty three BC the quarter turned the Roman province of Iudaea in advert 6. In advert sixty six a neighborhood disturbance in Caesarea attributable to Greeks sacrificing birds in entrance of an area synagogue exploded right into a pan-Jewish rebel opposed to their Roman overlords. Gaining momentum, the rebels effectively occupied Jerusalem and drove off an assault by means of the Roman legate of Syria, Cestus Gallius, who was once defeated on the conflict of Beth Horon.
The emperor Nero dispatched the Roman basic Vespasian besides reinforcements and, having overwhelmed the insurrection in Galilee he turned embroiled within the occasions of the 12 months of the 4 Emperors that may bring about his assumption of the Imperial throne. His son Titus used to be left to hold at the conflict which culminated within the dramatic siege of Jerusalem in advert 70. Remorselessly, the legions strangled the existence out of the safeguard highway via road, leaving not anything yet rubble and ashes of their wake. The apotheosis of the clash used to be the ultimate stand of the final holdouts within the Temple precinct itself, and the utter annihilation of this, the actual manifestation of Judaism itself.
The final remnants held out within the mountain fort of Masada till advert seventy three while with the Romans breaking down the partitions the defenders devoted mass suicide bringing the insurrection to an end.

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The legions in Spain, Gaul and Britain now swore allegiance to Vespasian, who pondered refining the plan decided on in Berytus by invading the province of Africa and cutting off its shipments of grain to Rome, but his plans were overtaken by events. On 18 December Vespasian’s brother, Titus Flavius Sabinus, the prefect of the urban cohorts at Rome, made a premature bid for power. Rebuffed, he seized the peak of the Capitol with a motley assortment of soldiers, senators, and knights. The Vitellians burnt them out the following day; Sabinus was decapitated and his headless trunk dragged through the streets.

Those rebels who attempted to board the Roman rafts had their hands and arms sliced off. Sword, javelin and arrow cut down the rest as they floundered in the water. No Jews survived the naval engagement. Tens of thousands of those who remained ashore were butchered or sold into slavery. GAMALA News of the fall of Tarichaea brought about the capitulation of all of Galilee, with three notable exceptions: Gischala, Mount Tabor and Gamala. The last named was a strongly held fortress in the Jaulan, smack in the middle of Agrippa II’s territory, about 19km to the east of the lake.

Vespasian sent the commander of legio V Macedonica, Sextus Cerialis, with 3,000 foot and 600 horse, to lay siege to the heights. Tormented by thirst, the Samaritans surrendered their arms; Cerialis slaughtered many thousands to ensure there would be no further unrest from this quarter. While these diversionary actions were taking place, Vespasian ordered the construction of three assault platforms at Jotapata, endowing each one with a fireproof, iron-plated siege tower. His archers, slingers and artillery were now able to bombard the defenders in comparative safety, and at close range, from the battlements of these towers.

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