The Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad

By Norman Spinrad

Set in a post-nuclear holocaust international, a unique which lines the increase to strength of 1 Feric Jaggar, an exile between mutants and mongrels to absolute rule within the native land of Truemen. With an afterword by means of James Sallis.

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Even Bogel reached for his pouch and wallet and would no doubt have handed them over had not Feric, with a touch of his hand and a steely look, restrained him. A fine lot of true men these cowards and poltroons were! Racially, one of these rude barbarians was worth ten of their ilkl As his men began scooping up the booty, Stopa stalked up to the seats where Feric and Bogel sat conspicuously isolated and immobile. He glared at Bogel, brandished his 56 truncheon meaningfully, and snarled: "Where are your valuables,' you 'little worm?

His mission in life had always been clear: to serve in whatever way he might 43 serve best the cause of Heldon, genetic purity, and true humanity. His quandary had been to discover how he might further this sacred cause to the maximum. Now his thoughts were as to how he might achieve the final triumph of Heldon and true humanity through his own personal destiny. It was a problem of daunting vastness and complexity, yet within him Feric felt the inner certainty that fate had chosen him alone to perform this ultimate feat of heroism.

Exhaling a great rush of stale air, Feric tossed the empty drinking hom end over end into the press of Black Avengers, who roared their manly approval of the feat while Stopa put aside his pistol and regarded Feric with a certain grudging respect. For his part, Peric spent this respite drawing in great gasps of air as the iron slowly returned to his knees. The great bonfire behind Stopa sent clouds of orange smoke and flickers of brilliance up as an offering into the black sky; around each torch in the circle was a sparkling aura.

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