The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the by Daniel J. Solove

By Daniel J. Solove

Teeming with chatrooms, on-line chat groups, and blogs, the net deals formerly unimagined possibilities for private expression and verbal exchange. yet there’s a dismal part to the tale. A path of data fragments approximately us is perpetually preserved on the web, immediately to be had in a Google seek. an everlasting chronicle of our inner most lives—often of doubtful reliability and occasionally absolutely false—will persist with us anywhere we move, obtainable to neighbors, strangers, dates, employers, buddies, family, and a person else who cares to seem. This engrossing ebook, brimming with remarkable examples of gossip, slander, and rumor on the web, explores the profound implications of the web collision among loose speech and privacy. Daniel Solove, an expert on info privateness legislation, bargains a desirable account of the way the web is remodeling gossip, the best way we disgrace others, and our skill to guard our personal reputations. targeting blogs, net groups, cybermobs, and different present tendencies, he exhibits that, sarcastically, the unconstrained stream of data on the web could abate possibilities for self-development and freedom. Long-standing notions of privateness desire evaluation, the writer contends: until we determine a balance between privacy and loose speech, we may well detect that the liberty of the web makes us much less free. 

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With modern computer software, anybody can readily create convincing counterfeit 35 36 Rumor and Reputation images and doctor photographs. Anybody can dexterously concoct fake documents. It is now easier than ever to fabricate and forge. With the Internet, false information can spread much more rapidly. In 1996 a false rumor about the clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger erupted on the Internet. ” The rumor also had Hilfiger confirming on the Oprah Winfrey show that he had made the statement, leading Winfrey to demand that he leave.

50 As on MySpace, Facebook users create profiles with personal information. 9 percent list a phone number . . ”52 Facebook profiles have a feature called “Photo Albums,” where users can post photos. Friends can post photos on each other’s profiles. 53 Social network websites are fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. The social network website Orkut, for example, is immensely popular in Brazil. 54 Although Orkut is run by Google in the United States, the majority of its users are in Brazil. ”56 Orkut allows users to form various “communities”—special forums for users with similar interests—and it lets people rank their friends based on familiarity, trustworthiness, coolness, and sexiness.

Information, Liberation, and Constraint Cartoon by Jim Borgman, © King Features Syndicate, reprinted with permission Social network websites are designed around the concept of social networks. 35 Although we often cluster together in groups, our social circles are not isolated. Some of the people we know are likely to be friendly with people in a different social circle. We’re all connected in some way to each other. If I don’t know you personally, there’s still a good chance that at least one of my friends knows one of your friends.

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