The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5 by Christopher Andrew

By Christopher Andrew

To mark the centenary of its origin, the British safeguard provider, MI5, has opened its records to an self sustaining historian, the 1st time any of the world's prime intelligence or safety companies has taken any such step. The Defence of the Realm, the ebook which ends up, is an exceptional e-book. It unearths the perfect function of the provider in twentieth-century British historical past, from its starting place through Captain Kell of the British military in October 1909 to root out 'the spies of the Kaiser' as much as its current function in countering Islamic terrorism. It describes the specified ethos of MI5, how the association has been controlled, its courting with the govt., the place it has triumphed and the place it has failed. In all of this, no restrict has been put on the decisions made through the writer. The booklet additionally casts new gentle on many occasions and sessions in British heritage, exhibiting for instance that via well-placed resources MI5 used to be most likely the pre-war division with the easiest realizing of Hitler's targets, and had a notable willingness to talk fact to energy; the way it was once so astonishingly profitable in turning German brokers through the moment global conflict; and that it had a lot higher roles than has hitherto been discovered throughout the finish of the Empire and in responding to the recurrent fears of successive governments (both Conservative and Labour) and or chilly struggle Communist subversion. It has new information regarding the Profumo affair and its aftermath, in regards to the 'Magnificent Five' and a few diversity of previously unconfirmed Soviet contacts. It finds that although MI5 had a dossier on Harold Wilson it didn't plot opposed to him, and it describes what relatively occurred throughout the failed IRA assault in Gibraltar in March 1988. whilst Rab Butler used to be appointed domestic Secretary with accountability for the protection carrier in 1957 he didn't even recognize the place its headquarters have been. The Defence of the Realm now describes this formerly super secretive association extra totally than any past e-book - and identifies all its major structures at the finish papers.

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