The Art of Writing and Speaking the English Language: by Sherwin Cody

By Sherwin Cody

The e-book positive aspects titles, 'Word-Study' and 'Composition & Rhetoric', from the preferred vintage sequence on writing and talking by means of Sherwin Cody. a good way to benefit the way to speak basically and successfully. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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7. Some nouns ending in f or fe change those terminations to ve in the plural, as beef---beeves, leaf---leaves, knife---knives, loaf---loaves, life---lives, wife---wives, thief---thieves, wolf---wolves, self---selves, shelf---shelves, calf---calves, half---halves, elf---elves, sheaf---sheaves. We have chief---chiefs and handkerchief---handkerchiefs, however, and the same is true of all nouns ending in f or fe except those given above. 8. A few nouns form their plurals by changing a single vowel, as man---men, woman---women, goose---geese, foot---feet, tooth---teeth, etc.

Sometimes the strength of both syllables in words of two syllables is equal, and then the accent may be placed on either at will, as in the case of re'tail, and retail', pro'ceed and proceed', etc. There are about sixty of these words capable of being differently accented according to meaning. The verb usually takes the accent on the last syllable. , in which the last syllable has the value of tin. *In the chapter at the beginning of Webster's dictionary devoted to accent it is stated that these words are accented on the last syllable because by derivation the root rather than the prefix receives the accent.

Driven? bruised? necessary? judgment? others? CHAPTER V. 49 happiness? build? Use the following words in appropriate sentences: clime, dye, pray, bow, write, would. What two pronunciations may bow have, and what is the difference in meaning? What two sounds may s have in use, and what difference do they mark? What two rules are violated in judgment? What other words are similar exceptions? VI. 11. As I found the water very calm and the ship but a quarter of a mile out, I made up my mind to swim out and get on board her.

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