Techniques of Tape Reading by Graifer V., Schumacher C.

By Graifer V., Schumacher C.

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I believe in intuition a great deal, but not when it’s used to mask a lack of skill in stock trading. When I first brought up a chart of a stock, I saw a hill. I didn’t see support and resistance. I didn’t see capitulation events. I didn’t see euphoric events. I didn’t see accumulations. I saw a hill. Why? Because there was nothing from previous experience to tell me what that hill meant, what moves within that hill were made up of. YOU DECIDE YOUR FATE; THE MARKET DOESN’T Those who think that the market provides profit and loss are mistaken.

I shorted 1000 shares at $21 before the market opened. In a few hours the stock reached $24 and paused for a long time. I added 1000 shares short above $23. It had to go down. Weak news, weak fundamentals. Why would the stock go up? Sure enough, KTEL went even higher, and I covered both lots at $29 and over $31. The stock closed at around $32. My broker phoned me that day and said that I had to cover my shares immediately because they had been called in. When I told him I already did, he said I was lucky.

If I see them going together, it may possibly mean that the bull market works for me, and that my thoughts are not relevant to my success. There is a good chance that a bear market will take my portfolio down. 1. As I viewed this situation, I decided to stay put and sharply decrease my activity during a down market to reduce my drawbacks. I would also analyze to determine whether I was fighting the market. 1 The comparison of market and account movements. 2 A sharp spike usually precedes a setback.

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