Taste of Home - February-March 2011 by Catherine Cassidy (Editor)

By Catherine Cassidy (Editor)

Cooking assistance and concepts in addition to recipes.

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Ed Lynskey, the most acclaimed smooth crime noir authors, returns to the Smoky Mountains with a brand new hardboiled story of homicide, ardour, and severe motion.

Gulliver's Travels (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

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He draped the flag about the baskets, put some crape on the door−knob, and said with satisfaction: "Therehe is as comfortable, now, as we can make him in the circumstances. " The wife felt that the house−front was standing about all it could well stand, in that way; the prospect of another stunning decoration of that nature distressed her, and she wished the thing had not occurred to him. She said, hesitatingly: "But I thought such an honour as that wasn't allowed to any but very very near relations, who" "Right, you are quite right, my lady, perfectly right; but there aren't any nearer relatives than relatives by usurpation.

Shall a million ounces of brass and a million ounces of gold be held to be of the same value? Take a truer standard: the measure of a man's contributing capacity to his time and his peoplethe work he can doand then number the population of this country to−day, as multiplied by what a man can now do, more than his grandfather could do. By this standard of measurement, this nation, two or three generations ago, consisted of mere cripples, paralytics, dead men, as compared with the men of to−day. In 1840 our population was 17,000,000.

They were rather assertive, it seemed to him, but they were new and clean, at any rate. There was considerable property in the pockets. Item, five one−hundred dollar bills. Item, near fifty dollars in small bills and silver. Plug of tobacco. Hymn−book, which refuses to open; found to contain whiskey. Memorandum book bearing no name. Scattering entries in it, recording in a sprawling, ignorant hand, appointments, bets, horse−trades, and so on, with people of strange, hyphenated nameSix−Fingered Jake, Young−Man− afraid−of his−Shadow, and the like.

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