Sword & Sorcery - Arcana Unearthed: A Variant Player's by Monte Cook

By Monte Cook

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Fiends are predisposed to help her in a single task and have a friendly attitude—if she offers them something in return, like a soul. • • Life The champion of life serves the power of positive energy and the forces that bind together all living things. She is the champion of nature and all things natural—plants, animals, and other living things. She is the champion of growth, healing, and health. She opposes death and destruction in all its forms, except as a necessary evil—just as a forest fire burns away the undergrowth to encourage the longevity of the forest as a whole, so too must the champion of life slay those who spread death.

They strive to uphold goodness and keep to its principles—they are generous, kind, forgiving, and honorable. When faced with real evil, though, they do whatever they can to quench it, protecting innocents as they do. The champion of light often wears a sunburst symbol and is rarely without some sort of light source. • Special: The champion of light has Gather Information, Search, and Sense Motive as class skills • 1st Level—Shining Light (Sp): The champion can cast lesser glowglobe once per day per class level as a caster of her class level.

The check’s Difficulty Class depends on the type of spirit: Spirit Water spirit Wood spirit Air spirit Animal spirit Stone spirit DC 10 15 18 20 30 At 14th level, a greenbond can ask a question that requires an answer of up to one word per greenbond level or a series of yes/no questions—one per greenbond level. Spiritform (Sp): At 17th level, the greenbond can make his body into a spiritform for up to one minute per level. Spiritform allows the greenbond to become incorporeal for the ability’s duration.

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