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content material: Spectroscopic characterization of minerals and their surfaces : an summary / Lelia M. Coyne and Stephen W.S. McKeever --
Thin-film elemental analyses for targeted characterization of minerals / Ian D.R. Mackinnon --
Electron energy-loss spectroscopy : basics and purposes within the characterization of minerals / Kannan M. Krishnan --
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy utilized to clay minerals / George D. Guthrie, Jr. and David R. Veblen --
Skeletal as opposed to nonbiogenic carbonates : UV-visible-near IR (0.3-2.7-[micrometer]) reflectance houses / Susan J. Gaffey --
Photoluminescence, candoluminescence, and radical recombination luminescence of minerals / William B. White --
Laser-excited infrequent earth luminescence as a probe of mineral features / J.C. Wright --
Mineralogy of meteorites printed by way of cathodoluminescence / Ian M. Steele --
Energy-storage mechanisms and thermoluminescence approaches in minerals / Stephen W.S. McKeever --
three-d thermoluminescence spectroscopy of minerals / John R. Prescott, Riaz A. Akber, and R.K. Gartia --
precipitated thermoluminescence and cathodoluminescence experiences of meteorites : relevance to constitution and lively websites in feldspar / Derek W.G. Sears, John M. DeHart, Fouad A. Hasan, and Gary E. Lofgren --
Emission of debris and photons from the fracture of minerals and inorganic fabrics / S.C. Langford and J.T. Dickinson --
What excites triboluminescence? / Linda M. Sweeting --
⁵⁷Fe-bearing oxide, silicate, and aluminosilicate minerals : crystal constitution traits in Mössbauer spectra / Roger G. Burns and Teresa C. Solberg --
Crystal chemistry, digital constructions, and spectra of Fe websites in clay minerals : purposes to photochemistry and electron delivery / David M. Sherman --
Dissociation and recombination of optimistic holes in minerals / Friedemann Freund, François Batllo, and Minora M. Freund --
Variable oxidation states of iron within the crystal constitution of smectite clay minerals / Joseph W. Stucki and Paul R. Lear --
floor actions of clays / Jose J. Fripiat --
Probing the skin of clays in aqueous suspension by means of fluorescence spectroscopy of proflavine / Jos Cenens, Robert A. Schoonheydt, and Frans C. De Schryver --
Multinuclear magnetic resonance stories of constitution and dynamics on the interface of clay fabrics / Jean Grandjean and Pierre Laszlo --
Near-infrared correlation spectroscopy : quantifying iron and floor water in a sequence of variably cation-exchanged montmorillonite clays / Lelia M. Coyne, J.L. Bishop, T. Scattergood, A. Banin, G. Carle, and J. Orenberg --
Raman and FT-IR spectra of the kaolinite-hydrazine intercalate / Clifford T. Johnston --
Reactive Cr-O websites : catalytic homes of chromia-pillared montmorillonite and initial research effects / Ahmad Moini, Thomas D. Brewer, Ming-Shin Tzou, Steven D. Landau, Boon-Keng Teo, and Thomas J. Pinnavaia.

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Thus, an analyst may t r y to work with the highest possible accelerating voltage, an optimized probe size f o r the object of i n t e r e s t and detector dead-time [24]/ the thickest part of a sample at which absorption of X-rays i s n e g l i g i b l e , the highest beam current density and the longest possible c o l l e c t i o n time within the l i m i t s of sample r a d i a t i o n damage and element l o s s . I m p l i c i t i n the above optimisation scheme i s the desire to improve the s t a t i s t i c s f o r any given analysis.

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