Shale Analytics: Data-Driven Analytics in Unconventional by Shahab D. Mohaghegh

By Shahab D. Mohaghegh

This publication describes the appliance of contemporary info know-how to reservoir modeling and good administration in shale. whereas protecting Shale Analytics, it specializes in reservoir modeling and creation administration of shale performs, for the reason that traditional reservoir and construction modeling recommendations don't practice good during this surroundings. themes coated contain instruments for research, predictive modeling and optimization of creation from shale within the presence of huge multi-cluster, multi-stage hydraulic fractures. Given the truth that the physics of garage and fluid movement in shale usually are not well-understood and well-defined, Shale Analytics avoids making simplifying assumptions and concentrates on evidence (Hard info - box Measurements) to arrive conclusions. additionally mentioned are very important insights into realizing crowning glory practices and re-frac candidate choice and layout. the flexibleness and tool of the strategy is tested in different real-world situations.

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