SAAB 9000 4-cyl 1985 to 1998 (C to S registration). Haynes by Stive Rendle, A.K.Legg

By Stive Rendle, A.K.Legg

В настоящем руководстве рассматриваются неисправности и их устранение, техническое обслуживание, методы ремонта Saab 9000 1985-1998гг. выпуска с бензиновыми двигателями 2.0 л (1985cc) и 2,3 литра (2290cc) 4-цил. Не рассмотрен двигатель V6. В руководстве описана конструкция автомобиля, изложены последовательно и подробно различные сборочно-разборочные операции, ремонтные и регулировочные работы на автомобиле. Описаны приемы работы в условиях специализированной мастерской с использованием специальных приспособлений. Также даны конкретные рекомендации по уходу за автомобилем в условиях домашней мастерской.

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To check the flexible hoses, bend them slightly in order to show up any cracking of the rubber. 3 Check the complete braking system for any signs of brake fluid leakage. 4 Where necessary, carry out repairs to the braking system with reference to Chapter 9. 1 Apply the handbrake, then raise the front and rear of the car, and securely support it on axle stands. 2 Visually inspect all balljoint dust covers and the steering rack-and-pinion gaiters for splits, chafing or deterioration. Any wear of these components will cause loss of lubricant, together with dirt and water entry, resulting in rapid deterioration of the balljoints or steering gear.

On models manufactured after 1988, the plunger may be removed by depressing the ratchet against the spring. If the plunger or body is excessively scored, the complete tensioner should be renewed. Refitting Note: The following procedure describes removal and refitting of the camshafts and hydraulic cam followers with the cylinder head in position in the car. If it is required to remove the cylinder head for other reasons, the work can be carried out on the bench. In this case, start the procedure at paragraph 12, after removing the cylinder head.

Note that the word "Saab" is facing outwards. 7 Unscrew the retaining bolts, and remove the sprockets from the ends of the balance shafts. To do this, hold the sprockets stationary with a chain-type oil filter removal tool or similar. Keep the sprockets identified for position. 5c ... 9c . . then unscrew the tensioner. 9d ... and remove it from the cylinder head All engines 8 Remove the cylinder head cover as described in Section 4. 9 Unscrew and remove the timing chain tensioner from the rear of the cylinder head.

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