Red Wine Color. Exploring the Mysteries by Andrew L. Waterhouse and James A. Kennedy (Eds.)

By Andrew L. Waterhouse and James A. Kennedy (Eds.)

content material: brief background of pink wine colour / Alejandro Zimman, Andrew L. Waterhouse, and James A. Kennedy --
Yeast-mediated formation of pigmented polymers in pink wine / Jeff Eglinton ... [et al.] --
colour and phenolic compounds of oak-matured wines as plagued by the features of the barrel / E. Gómoz-Plaza ... [et al.] --
the difference within the colour as a result of copigmentation in younger Cabernet Sauvignon wines / Joanne Levengood and Roger Boulton --
The prediction of the colour parts of purple wines utilizing FTIR, wine analyses, and the strategy of partial least squares / Andrew Versari, Roger Boulton, and John Thorngate III --
The destiny of anthocyanins in wine : are there deciding upon components? / Hélène Fulcrand ... [et al.] --
New pigments produced in pink wines through diverse enological methods / C. Gómez-Cordovés --
components affecting the formation of purple wine pigments / David F. Lee ... [et al.] --
Flavanols and anthocyanins as powerful compounds within the formation of recent pigments in the course of garage and getting older of crimson wine / Nour-Eddine Es-Safi and Véronique Cheynier --
Structural adjustments of anthocyanins in the course of crimson wine getting older : portisins : a brand new type of blue anthocyanin-derived pigments / V.A.P. de Freitas and N. Mateus --
Novel elderly anthocyanins from Pinotage wines : isolation, characterization, and pathway of formation / Michael Schwarz and Peter Winterhalter --
Anthocyanin transformation in Cabernet Sauvignon wine in the course of getting older / Haibo Wang, Edward J. Race, and Anil J. Shrikhande --
The destiny of malvidin-3-glucoside in new wine / Andrew L. Waterhouse and Alejandro Zimman --
Matrix-assisted laser desorption-ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry of anthocyanin-polyflavan-3-ol oligomers in cranberry fruit (Vaccinium macrocarpon, Ait.) and spray-dried cranberry juice / Christian G. Krueger, Martha M. Vestling, and Jess D. Reed --
Compositional research of pigmented tannin / James A. Kennedy and Yoji Hayasaka --
Tannin-anthocyanin interactions : impact on wine colour / Cédric Saucier ... [et al.] --
Fractionation of pink wine polymeric pigments through protein precipitation and bisulfite bleaching / Douglas O. Adams, James F. Harbertson, and Edward A. Picciotto.

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Together they are responsible for only 34% of the variation in the color due to copigmentation The primary conclusion reached in this research is that none of the viticultural or enological factors examined affected the color due to copigmentation of the anthocyanins. Conclusions The color due to copigmentation, along with the other color parameters evaluated, varied greatly within this set of wines, even though the wines were all the same cultivar from the same appellation. It was found that the copigmentation contributes a large percentage of the color in 6-month old Cabernet Sauvignon wines and in fact, the component is the most important factor in the prediction of wine color.

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