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By the time you are in rhe desertedparts of the spacepoft, his suspicions aie thoroughly aroused, and he stops you and demands to search vour pack, which rs full of contraband, You will have to 6ght him- Reduceyour sKrLLby 1 point for this fight for being unarmed. a64 When you have disembarked, you register your visittoTropos, as all off-planethumans arerequired to Then you enter Customs, under the keen eyes notjust of the Customsofficer, but alsoofa squadof soldiers They do not give you a body-search, however.

Will you attempt to escape(turn to 34o)or not (tum to 3EZ)? You scrapeyour legagainstd packing-caseand ( ut it badlyon a proiectingnail. Loser srAMtNApoinl. The passageleads into another cellar, with one exit straight ahead and another in the southem wall lvill you go shaight ahead (tum to 33J) or south ' turn to 221)? a26-a27 423-425 423 You follow the passageas it curves round to the north. Eventuallyyou come to ajunctionwhere you may head west (turn to 8) or east(tuIn to 39). 424 On your way back, you l'Llninto a North Arcadian.

With one swift move, Indus follows up a jab to the solar plexus rvith a rabbit punch on the neck While you are dazed and rvinded, Crus gets your sword . If you have an altemative, return to 381 arld choose again; if you have no alternative,you have failed. 150 AnArcadian guard happens tobe passingdown the co[idor outside. He stops to investigatethe commotion, and bu$ts into the room just as you are finishing o{f the secretary. Now you will have to fight him, too. He's an ugly specimen:his face is disfigured by a long scar running ftom eye to mouth.

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