Reading Anselm's Proslogion (Ashgate New Critical Thinking by Ian Logan

By Ian Logan

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2] For I have neither known this thing' itself nor can I construct it from something similar, seeing that you also assert of such a thing as this, that there cannot be anything similar to it. 3] For if I were to hear something said about some man utterly unknown to me, whom I did not even know to exist, I could think of him in tenns of what a man is, through that notion of species or genus by which I know what a man is or men are. 4] And yet it could happen that the speaker might be lying and the man of whom I was thinking might not exist, even though-I thought of him in terms of something true, which is not this particular man, but man in general.

Si v[ero] duo v[e]1 tres less for him than for yourself. If truly . v[ e]1 multo plures idipsum haberent; two or three or many more should have tantunde[m] p[ro]sing[u]lis quantu[m] the very same blessedness, you would p[ro ]te ipso gauderes, si sing[u]los sicut rejoice just as much for each one of teipsum amares. Ergo inilla p[er]fecta them as for yourself, if you loved each caritate innumerabiliu[m] beator[um1 one of them as yourself. Therefore in ang[e]lor[um] & hominu[m], ubi that perfect love of innumerable blessed nullus minus diliget aliu[m] qualm] se angels and men, where no one loves ipsum; non aliter gaudebit quisq[ ue] another less than himself, each will rejoice for every other no differently p[ro]singulis aliis qualm] p[ro]se ipso.

Difficult to understand. 3) But if he should then add as a adiungat ac dieat, n[on] potes ultra consequence: 'You can no more doubt dubitare insula[m] illa[m] terris that that island, which is more excellent om[n]ibus pr[a]estantiore[m] vere e[ ss]e than all lands, truly exists somewhere alicubi inre, qua[ m] & inintellectu tuo in reality, than you can doubt that it non ambigis e[ss]e, & quia pr[a]estantius also exists in your understanding. And The Text e[st] n[on) inintellectu solo sed etia[m] e[ss]e inre, id[e]o sic eam necesse est e[ss]e quia n[isi] fuerit, qu[a]ecunq[ue] alia inre est terra pr[a]estantior illa erit, ac sic ipsa iam a te pr(a]estantior intellecta pr(a]estantior non erit, si inqua[m] p[er]h[a]ec ille m[ihi) velit astruere de insula illa q[uo]d vere sit ambigendu[m] ultra n[on] e[ss]e; aut .

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