RAF Coastal Command in Action, 1939-1945 by Conyers Nes Roy

By Conyers Nes Roy

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3. FIG. 4. Tank system and vertical rod throttles. Close-up of port nozzle bank, USS Atka (AGB-3), looking inboard. 43 ANTI-ROLLING TANKS This tank stabilization system can be designed as the active type or as the passive type. In the active type (Fig. 5), a propeller is located in the central tank. The propeller is driven by a motor which is running continuously. In the connecting channels water valves or sluice gates are fitted. The water valves are operated by a servo system which receives its orders from a sensing unit.

Call this the compensated control. 6 shows a block diagram. The roll angle sensor is a vertical displacement gyro, the roll velocity sensor a rate gyro and the accelerometer is a mechanical acceleration detection device obtaining its information from changes in the velocity sensor. The latter will be more fully discussed in Chapter VI. The compensated control is one of the latest types of control for ship 52 SHIP STABILIZERS stabilizers and its design is based on the true assumption that the ship has a rolling motion which is not always periodic in character.

E. the precession in the vertical plane. e. the roll velocity. It is also incorporated in the control equipment of tilting fin stabilizers. Fore and aft line FIG. 9. Velocity gyro for measuring rate of roll. GYROSCOPIC ANGULAR ACCELEROMETER As has been pointed out on p. 25, this instrument is a three-frame gyroscope but is restricted by springs attached to the inner a n d outer gimbal ring to one degree of freedom. O n a ship the spin axis is normally horizontal and in the athwartships plane. This type of gyro is diagrammatically illustrated in Fig.

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