Pyrometamorphism by Rodney Grapes

By Rodney Grapes

1000 °C) and coffee pressures (< 2 kb) and usually ends up in the formation of "burnt" and fused rocks termed buchites, paralavas, clinkers and fulgarites. it really is normally linked to shallow basaltic intrusions (contact aureoles, xenoliths,) combustion of carbonaceous topic, lightning moves, and can be present in meteorites. in the course of pyrometamorphism, the series of heating and cooling is drastically condensed favouring the upkeep of quite a few stranded response microstructures that replicate disequilibrium response kinetics with metastable and mineral crystallisation. This moment variation contains the most recent advancements within the research of pyrometamorphism derived from over 60 new references and followed with over 20 new illustrations.

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The tubular form of fulgurites has been attributed by Petty (1936) as the result of expansion of moisture present in impacted sand or soil, expansion of air along the path of the electrical discharge, or from the mechanical displacement of sand which is then fused around the resulting hole. Because many fulgurites form in dry sand, expansion of air is probably the main factor of their formation. The amount of sand that is melted to form the tube will depend on the intensity of the discharge which, in turn, controls the energy expended in the form of heat.

6 Fig. 20 Lightning strike fulgurites in gabbro, Adamello, Cornone di Blumone, Italy, that occur as (A) a glass-lined hole through and exiting the rock and (B) a glass-lined grove excavated in the surface of the rock. See text in Chap. 5 A Up pe r su rfa ce B A exit Fulgurite glasses are often compositionally inhomogenous. g. Sheffer et al. 2006). Variations in mineralogy and composition of the target material will affect the extent of reduction 34 2 Thermal Regimes and Effects Fig. 21 Example of a fulgurite network pattern developed on an exposed quartz surface in granitic rock, Black Forest, Germany (Fig.

In this respect, McLintock 30 2 Thermal Regimes and Effects (1932) records an instance of the formation of a mud volcano in Trinidad that was accompanied by violent eruption of enormous quantities of inflammable gas. This became ignited by sparks from the abrasion of pyrite fragments to produce a ~90 m high flame that burned for 15 h. 3 Lightning Pyrometamorphism Fulgurites, caused by lightning-induced melting and chemical reduction, provide the thermal limit of pyrometamorphism where temperature maxima are shorter and more extreme by several orders of magnitude than igneous or organic fire-related processes.

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