Ptolus - The Night of Dissolution (d20 System) by Monte Cook

By Monte Cook

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He’s not much with words, and he knows it. Still, he has a problem that he can’t solve, and it involves his young employee, Iltumar Shon, for whom he cares very much. Iltumar, abandoned by his parents to the streets when he was only ten years old, is like a son to Hirus. Hirus knows, even if the PCs do not, that Iltumar looks up to them with respect and envy. The young man wants to live a life of adventure and battle the way they do. Hirus seeks out the party at a tavern or restaurant in Midtown, or even out in the middle of Delver’s Square.

However, do not award experience points unless the PCs actually manage to “encounter” him. If he teleports away immediately (which is most likely), this is worth no experience points, as he would do so no matter who invaded his lair, or why. WRAPPING UP In the best-case scenario, the player characters were able to sneak into the lair, free Iltumar, and get away without ever having Luth lay eyes on them. The Surgeon in the Shadows will know that someone has found his lair (and thus he will move his operation), but he won’t know who the PCs were.

If they come upon intruders they do not recognize, they attack and fight them to the death. Venom-Shaped Thralls (2): hp 40 and 45; see appendix, page 94. Violet Slime 3. Injection Room (EL 4) When a new venom-shaped thrall comes out of its cocoon, some disgusting purple muck spills out of the cocoon as well. This slime is a colony organism not unlike green slime. Violet slime moves extraordinarily slowly (about one foot per hour) and positions itself on the ceilings of the apartment building so it can drop down on living creatures.

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