Psychic warfare : threat or illusion? by Martin Ebon

By Martin Ebon

First variation, first printing.

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In collaboration with other parapsychologists, Naumov completed a second, expanded version of his earlier International Bibliography of Parapsychological Studies. He also continued work on three more books, including a Dictionary of Psychoenergetic Terms. Naumov lectured on parapsychology in virtually all the capital cities of the different Soviet republics. His visits, during the 1978-80 period, included incidents that reflected official ambivalence, as well as disagreement and rivalries between various government agencies, on the subject of parapsychology.

Apart from the heat, restricted roughly to the area beneath her hand, I felt no other symptom. " He wrote: "It is now not difficult for me to believe that she can stop a frog's heart. " Herbert's Leningrad visit in 1973, on which he was accompanied by his colleague Dr. Manfred Cassirer, was organized to anticipate criticism from inside and outside the parapsychological research fraternity. He therefore arranged that the 1973 tests should take place outside the Kulagin apartment, at a hotel. Herbert and Cassirer had originally been booked into the Hotel Leningrad, but the Intourist travel agency ran into scheduling trouble and placed them in the Hotel d'Europe instead.

There was bright day-light, and flash photography as well as cine filming was allowed at all times. In the case of the hydrometer and the compass, which had both been brought by the experimenters into their own habitat, there was no manual contact on the medium's part. " The simple fact remains that, in well over a decade of Kulagina demonstrations, the woman and her gifts have remained an enigma.

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