Pre-Permian Geology of Central and Eastern Europe by R.D. Dallmeyer, W. Franke, K. Weber

By R.D. Dallmeyer, W. Franke, K. Weber

This publication provides the 1st systematic English evaluate of the tectonostratigraphic evolution of a few of the nearby tectonic parts which include the important ecu orogens. contemporary political alterations have authorised authors from all principal ecu nations, to give a contribution to this paintings, therefore delivering entry to formerly unavailable fabric. every one significant tectonic aspect is systematically defined by way of its stratigraphic, structural, igneous, metamorphic and monetary evolution. every one part is carefully referenced, therefore supplying a useful creation to the geological complexity of the sector. Introductory chapters give you the required neighborhood geophysical and tectonic overviews.

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A I! 50 I50C 8. 00"'" ~ (1) \/l V> V> a I~ V> - ;J;> In 2 1{.... \:1 ~ /_, [2J3] ~ H . ~OutO tonalitic granulites mafic mafic dikes and slHs (probably Palaeozoic and older) granites mafic dikes and sills (probably post-Permian) H-Heue I I 1-2 '-- 61 km/s ••••• "-\\\"\ seISmiC refraction velocities strong velocity gradient zone With low-velocity zone "11111111111/11111111/1/11111' hlgh-conductM\y zones sutures and malor thrusts ur i CI'! ••• -ti·;'" -•. so - ~ 0. , (1) ::r ::l (1) (1) (1) - 1:0 I" soc " MOLDANUBIAN ' '20 0 ....

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