Potassic Igneous Rocks and Associated Gold-Copper by Daniel Müller

By Daniel Müller

This ebook stories the geochemical and petrological features of the potassic igneous rock complexes and investigates the various tectonic settings within which those rocks take place. The authors supply an summary and a type of those rocks and try and elucidate the geochemical transformations among barren and mineralized potassic igneous complexes. Many epithermal gold and porphyry copper-gold deposits are hosted by means of high-K rocks. for this reason, this publication isn't just correct to the educational petrologists engaged on alkaline rocks, but additionally to the exploration geologists prospecting for epithermal gold and/or porphyry copper-gold deposits in smooth and historic terranes. The second up-to-date and enlarged Ed. includes new subchapters and three chapters were thoroughly rewritten.

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10) was devised more-or-less empirically, to take account of the more exotic trace elements, notably La, Ce, and Hf, which are only available for a minority of analyses in SHOSH2. 7. 5 wt %, Zr above 350 ppm, or Hf above 10 ppm can be considered with particular confidence as within-plate types. 10a, which discriminates oceanic arc from continental and postcollisional arc settings with almost 100% efficiency, based on the lower La and Hf contents of the former. 10c, which separate continental from postcollisional potassic igneous rocks based on slightly lower Ce/P ratios in the latter.

G. in Table (b), 18 of 39 CAP analyses are correctly assigned by their chemistry whereas 10 are misassigned to the LOP setting. c This table is a compromise between excessively limiting the number of samples and elements incorporated into the multigroup discriminant analysis; other important immobile elements (Hf, Ta, Th) were excluded outfight because data were insufficient. e. Mariana Islands) have been analyzed for the required element combination. rocks can be correctly attributed to their tectonic setting from their major-element chemistry alone.

Numbers of sodic, potassic, and ultrapotassic rock analyses included in final filtered database SHOSH2. From Mtiller et al. (1992b). Tectonic setting Sodic a Potassic a Continental arc Postcollisional arc Initial oceanic arc Late oceanic arc Within plate 0 0 0 0 0 60 17 1 47 85 36 153 25 42 26 42 2 0 20 54 96 170 26 89 111 Totals 0 209 285 118 492 Unassigned a Ultrapotassic b Total c a General definition of IUGS (Le Maitre 1989): "sodic" means (Na20 - 4 wt %) > KzO, "potassic" means Na20 < K20; otherwise unassigned.

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