Polymerization Kinetics and Technology by Platzer N.A.J., Gould R.F. (eds.)

By Platzer N.A.J., Gould R.F. (eds.)

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The white paper was released at a press conference on October 29, 1997, at 11:00 AM, in the Crown Plaza Hotel. There were approximately 20 participants from the press. We were competing for press attention with the visit by Chinese President Jiang Zemin and members of the Chinese delegation, who were negotiating that same day with 29 President Clinton to buy Nuclear Reactors from the United States. The entire press conference was organized by Laurie Cunnington, a very close friend of my family.

B) International cooperation for the prevention and control of terrorism. (c) Aspects of transnational migrations, economics and politics of ethnicity. (d) New ways of using science and technology for the prevention of terrorism. (e) Nuclear theft. (f) The role of Internet (positive and negative). 7. How to Finance Seminars or Conferences on the Above Suggested Topics *Lunch will be served in the Madrid Room, Mezzanine, at 12 noon. The 1996 conference focused on ‘Technology for Global Economic, Environmental Survival and Prosperity” to address environmentally attractive technologies for electricity Recent technology production - renewables, natural gas, and nuclear energy.

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