Polyfluorenes by Andrew C. Grimsdale, Klaus Müllen (auth.), Ullrich Scherf,

By Andrew C. Grimsdale, Klaus Müllen (auth.), Ullrich Scherf, Dieter Neher (eds.)

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Single molecule spectroscopy studies on 106 have provided a new understanding of the nature of this and other conjugated polymers [137]. Whereas a molecule of low molar mass 106 (Mw = 25 kDa, corresponding to ca. 62 phenylene units) produced only a single emission peak at 459 nm which matched the emission maximum observed in ensemble measurements, a larger molecule (Mw = 67 kDa, ca. 165 phenylene units) produced up to 5 emission peaks at wavelengths between 450 and 461 nm. By performing a large number of single molecule experiments it was established that there was a linear correlation between the average number of chromophores and the chain length.

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