Petrology of Lamproites by Roger H. Mitchell

By Roger H. Mitchell

In this ebook, the 1st devoted totally to the petrology of lamproites and their relationships to different potassium-rich rocks, the target of the authors is to supply a accomplished serious overview of the prevalence, mineralogy, geochemistry, and petrogenesis of the extended family. even if lamproites characterize one of many rarest of all rock varieties, they're either economically and scientifically vital and we think the time is ripe for a overview of the advances made of their petrology during the last 20 years. lots of those advances stem from the popularity of diamond-bearing lamproites in Western Australia and the reclassification of numerous anomalous diamond-bearing kim­ berlites as lamproites. hence lamproites, formerly of curiosity in simple terms to a small variety of mineralogists focusing on exotica outdoors the mainstream of igneous petrol­ ogy, became leading pursuits for diamond exploration on a global foundation. Contemporaneously with those advancements, petrologists learned that lamproites own isotopic signatures complementary to these of midoceanic ridge basalts, alkali basalts, kimberlites, and different mantle-derived melts. those isotopic reviews supplied new insights into the long term improvement of the mantle through suggesting that the resource areas of lamproites have been metasomatically enriched in mild infrequent earth and different incompatible parts as much as 1-2 Ga ahead of the melting occasions resulting in iteration of the magma.

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Kalsilite. Nepheline is absent. Yakutites are known only from the Murun potassic complex located in eastern Siberia (Smyslov 1986, Orlova 1987). This complex is considered by some to contain lamproites (Vladikin 1985, Bogatikov et al. 1986). 4. 3. Despite many years of study these relationships remain obscure. , Gupta and Yagi (1980). This assumption stems principally from the use of petrochemical classification schemes that fail to discriminate between mineralogically different potassic rocks.

And striped brown priderile. 'aJgidee ~I ills pluton. West Kimbtrley. Fiel d of view approximately 1 mm . flgu .... 5. CharxtcriSlic reddish brown·to-yellow p1eochroism of titanian poWSium richterite. This composite phoComicrogl'lph iliusIl'lteJ the aPJICarance or 1 strongly wned poiki litic plate or amphibole from MI . North , West Kim· btrley in tWO orientations. Note the chancteristic "linger' printl ike" "uid il'ol;'lusions. 5 mm . 17. Chuactcristic Ippearance and habit or wade· ite (I) in plane pol ariud light and (b) with crossed polan.

West Kimberley_Subhedral ahem! phenocrysts of leu cite and colorless diopsidc are SCI in an opaque unresolved matrill. FIeld of view approllimately 4 mm. POTASSIC ROCKS AND THE LAMPROITE CLAN 31 The Foley et al. (1987) classification has the benefit that potassic rocks are recognized as a group of consanguineous rocks that exhibit wide compositional variation. However, the disadvantages of the scheme far outweigh this singular virtue. Basically the conclusions simply echo Barton's (1979) threefold classification of potassic rocks while ignoring useful mineralogical discriminants.

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