Perovskites: Structure, Properties and Uses by Maxim Borowski

By Maxim Borowski

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Nishihata et al. 05O3 catalyst that possesses a self-regeneration character [257]. The authors believed that Pd can move into and out of the perovskite lattice via the process Pd2+ ⇔ PdO when the perovskite is exposed to a fluctuation atmosphere of the emission exhaust. 05O3 confirms the above viewpoint. 2. Methane Oxidation Taking into consideration the serious concerns on environmental pollution and energy shortage, most people think that natural gas (methane content 80−90%) is a relatively clean Controlled Fabrication and Catalytic Applications … 45 and rich energy resource owing to its abundant storage, low price, convenient utilization, high thermal efficiency, and minor pollution.

600 oC) results in an obvious decrease in surface area from 70 to 44 m2/g. Therefore, this method seems to be not suitable for the generation of mesoporous perovskites because a high-temperature (> 650 oC) treatment is needed for perovskite phase formation. Nevertheless, it provides a thinking line to directly synthesize mesoporous perovskites with the aid of a surfactant. It is well known that the nanocasting strategy with mesoporous silica or carbon as hard template is an effective technique to fabricate mesoporous metal and metal oxides [236−238].

3 mol/L, 4 mL) at 70 oC for 12 h under stirring. Because the preparation is carried out under mild conditions, intact shells are guaranteed, as shown in Figure 23. Using sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (SDBS) or poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) (PSS) as surfactant, bur-like three-dimensionally hierarchical PbTiO3 nanostructures consisting of a microsphere core with an outer shell of nanorods (Figure 24) are obtained by in-situ self-assemblying of nanoparticles under hydrothermal conditions [191].

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