P-38 Lightning in detail & scale: XP-38 through P-38H by Bert Kinzey

By Bert Kinzey

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In pulse-Doppler radar it is best to take PT as the average power and B, again, as the Doppler filter bandwidth. The purpose of this chapter is to relate the radar range equation to homing, giving examples of performance likely with current seeker capabilities. 4. This form of the equation contains the aperture area as the antenna parameter because the antenna diameter is governed by the missile diameter. 025 m2 22mm Range performance L NF B 33 4 dB 8 dB 1 kHz +6 dB 12 Ian (S/N)min givingRmax This is a typical value, confirming that the performance of an active seeker is essentially short range.

Another advantage is that it is possible for the transmitter and the receiver of an active homer to share a single antenna on a time basis. The disadvantage of pulse-Doppler is the presence of ambiguities in range and in velocity indication. Frequency modulated CW (FMCW) Theoretically, this can provide velocity and range gating to the same standard as can pulse-Doppler. Unfortunately, practical difficulties tend to arise through the use of the same analogue - frequency - for both coordinates; furthermore, duplexing difficulties remain.

Aperture blockage by the hole in the mirror is considerably less and more regular than that due to conventional front feed, resulting in higher gain and smaller side-lobes. 3 Phase comparison monopulsel The amplitude comparison antenna is a curved reflector, occupying a considerable depth, and hence it sweeps out a considerable volume when it swings over its arc, which may be ± 45° or more. To allow for this movement, the mirror diameter must be not more than about 75 per cent of the internal diameter of the missile.

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