On the Shores of Titan's Farthest Sea: A Scientific Novel by Michael Carroll

By Michael Carroll

Titan is essentially a planet in its personal correct, with a diameter just like that of Mercury, methane rainstorms, natural soot and ethane seas. the entire such a lot precise wisdom at the moon's geology, volcanology, meteorology, marine sciences and chemistry are accumulated jointly the following to color a factually exact hypothetical way forward for early human colonization in this unusual world.

The perspectives from Titan’s Mayda Outpost are awesome, yet all isn't really good on the moon's distant technological know-how base. at the shore of a methane sea underneath glowering skies, atmospherics researcher Abigail Marco reveals herself in the course of homicide, piracy and associates who appear to be seeing sea monsters and lifeless humans from the earlier. On the shorelines of Titan’s Farthest Sea offers thrills, pleasure and secret – couched within the most recent technological know-how – on one of many sun System’s so much strange worlds, Saturn’s large moon Titan.

"This riveting tale, set opposed to a plausibly good built-in interplanetary area, contains us besides its vivid and engaging characters. We think completely transported to a hauntingly appealing and alien Titan via Carroll's masterful weaving of artwork and science." – Jani Radebaugh, Professor of Planetary Sciences, Titan dune professional, BYU

"It's a enjoyable learn! particularly makes Titan come alive, literally..." – Astrophysicist and writer Ralph Lorenz

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Troy was pulling ahead. Again. ” she hollered instinctively. Her radio voice was probably painful in his ears. ” He stopped and turned toward her. Abby pointed toward the sea, working her way toward him. ” “Of Mayda? ” “Yep. The peninsula just there? ” “Out there? Voluntarily? What was the occasion? ” Abby gazed at the rugged landform rising from the subdued methane swells. It was the color of custard, matching most of the shoreline in the region. Rain and wind had scoured the top clean so that a blue-gray rampart of pure water-ice crowned the island.

He shifted from one foot to another. Abby’s fingers flew as she said, “What? ” “Wait a minute. ” Footsteps approached in the corridor outside. Someone was passing. Abby listened as the steps paused outside the closed door. Troy looked at her, eyes wide. She held her finger to her lips. In a moment, the steps resumed down the hallway. “You know, Apps, I don’t think we should be doing this. ” She glared at him sideways. “You were so hot to get in here. Now we find that Kevin was chatting up some guy who’s dealing drugs on Ganymede—legally or not—which I would guess confirms what you said, and you want to leave?

The woman said, “It must be difficult to watch all these operations at once. ” Now he was beginning to panic. Newlywed tourists didn’t take any interest in security, did they? “I’d love to show you, but I’m out of time. ” He encouraged them to move back down the tunnel. “Ah, yeah, great,” the little man said without enthusiasm. “We should be all set with that Bed and Breakfast at the surface village. ” The woman reached over and shook her guide’s hand. She gushed, “Thanks so much. ” He let them through the airlock first, waved them on, and stayed behind.

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