Nonfiction Comprehension Test Practice Gr. 5 W Answer Key by Dr. Fry

By Dr. Fry

In keeping with articles from TIME for children journal, actions offer examining comprehension perform in standardized try out layout.

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Nonfiction Comprehension Test Practice Gr. 5 W Answer Key

In response to articles from TIME for children journal, actions offer analyzing comprehension perform in standardized attempt structure.

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Some people fear that if the island becomes a state, it may lose its unique identity. However, these people should look to Hawaii, our 50th state. Not only has Hawaii kept its unique culture, but other Americans have enjoyed learning about it and experiencing it. Some Puerto Ricans object to statehood because they do not want to pay more taxes. S. S. economy. S. They obviously like the American way of life. Governor Rossello thinks support for statehood is growing: “The younger generations are coming in.

The author’s enthusiasm toward the project shows a. when the tiller breaks. b. when he eats the vegetables. c. when the project ends. d. when plants begin to grow. 6. The purpose of describing how fast the plants grew was a. because the vacant garbage lot was transformed. b. because the author cannot believe the plants are actually growing. c. because it encouraged the author to continue with the project. d. all of the above 7. The author’s attitude changed from a. resentment to pride. b. anger to enjoyment.

High teacher salaries. d. both a and b e. all of the above 52 #10335 Nonfiction Comprehension Test Practice a. good teachers. b. brains. c. new text books. d. computer centers. 5. The salaries for teachers are a. rising. b. declining. c. meager. d. b and c ©Shell Educational Publishing Lesson 6 ARTICLE FROM Name___________________________________________ Date___________ Whole-Story Comprehension Directions: Read the story below and answer the questions on the following page. It’s Time to Pay the Price To the Editors: I am an eighth-grade student at Fowlerville Middle School and I am upset over the way our teachers are being treated.

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