Nihilist Communism: A Critique of Optimism in the Far Left by Monsieur Dupont

By Monsieur Dupont

Initially self-published in 2003, now edited and designed via Ardent Press, nonetheless the most hard-nosed books to name the left to account — with scathing, considerate rebuttals to people who proceed to think that the revolution is simply an issue of consciousness-raising and recruitment, or that id politics has something to do with Marxist thought.

Many will reject the materialism inherent during this research, yet we delight in the logical consistency (and the occasional brilliance of writing) of Monsieur Dupont; so fresh in an international during which humans withdraw to muddle-headedness in incoherent makes an attempt to slot all subject matters into a few type of seize bag, makes an attempt possible designed to prevent offense instead of to keep on with principles via to their logical (or even illogical) conclusions.

Unlike such a lot of those that both reject concept all jointly (rather, who vague the speculation that they paintings from), or who embody thought and forget about the methods truth doesn’t healthy their principles, Msr Dupont mirrored on their adventure (and that of others) and altered their conception to fit their lives. we want extra people who find themselves prepared to be unpopular, who paintings an idea till it groans, who ponder genuine lifestyles studies after which recognize the ways that triumphing concept doesn’t make feel, and who're then in a position to tough triumphing thought to be extra coherent, extra practical, and extra useful.

species being might be thought of a significant other textual content to Nihilist Communism, or vice versa: analyzing them jointly has been invaluable for a few. Nihilist Communism refers extra to precise political occurrences, and species being fleshes out the various extra esoteric rules.

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15 Because pro-revolutionaries have not learned how to wait, have not learned to engage at the level of their experience (they are always wanting to lead the way, wishing to push forward their hot-brained solutions), they are forever looking back and wondering why nobody is following them. Theories of consciousness and organisation are always attempts to impose past reflective forms onto living struggles – consciousness in these schemes becomes a stage, a precondition for the revolution. These pro-conscious/ pro-revolutionaries think that no matter how intense a specific struggle might be, if it is not explicitly political then it is lacking in essence and therefore not wholly real.

To go down this theoretical road leads to the realisation that in an important aspect there is little real difference between the projects of anarchism and most of communism and their supposedly deadly enemy, Leninism. If one is going to make this conclusion then one is going to lose most of one’s friends in the political milieu. Echanges seem to have tried to avoid this, and, indeed, because of this they have continued to have some limited respect from the communist milieu down the years. ) Working class consciousness?

Why has the working class not listened to its educators? Consciousness is a political category. A world-wide or even national conscious proletarian identity would involve a high degree of organisation, which is another word for consciousness. There is no objectively existing, separate sphere of revolutionary consciousness and certainly none that is owned by a particular section of humanity; the working class especially do not own consciousness, they do not own anything (except their playstations).

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