New Views of the Moon (Reviews in mineralogy and by Bradley L. Jolliff, Mark A. Wieczorek, Charles K. Shearer,

By Bradley L. Jolliff, Mark A. Wieczorek, Charles K. Shearer, Clive R. Neal

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Impact erosion. Meteorite impacts are a major process in transporting material vertically and laterally, and they are the major erosional process on the Moon. Very small impacts have an abrasive effect similar to sandblasting, whereas larger projectiles up to centimeters in size can completely shatter a target by “collisional fragmentation” (Gault and Wedekind 1969). Erosion rates by abrasion have been estimated to be about 1 mm/106 years for kilogram-sized lunar rocks, with faster erosion rates for larger rocks (Ashworth 1977).

1999) and appear to represent an essential fraction of the lunar crust (Warner et al. 1977). They occur in all sample suites that sampled lunar highlands materials (Ap 14, 15, 16, 17; Luna 20) and are ubiquitous in lunar meteorites of highland provenance (Korotev et al. 2003b). Recently, three different textural types of granulitic breccias were identified: poikilitic, granoblastic, and poikilitic-granoblastic breccias (Cushing et al. 1999). The equilibrium temperatures of granulitic breccias are near 1000–1100 °C as deduced from pyroxene thermometry and other observations (Warner et al.

Coarser material that originates from deeper target levels is ejected with lower velocities and at lower angles, and is deposited closer to the crater. This sequence produces an inverted stratigraphy of the target in the ejecta deposits with deepest target strata close to the crater and shallow target strata deposited farthest away from the crater. The Moon is easily observed and thus allows detailed investigation of craters as products of impact-cratering processes in the inner solar system. , Sharpton 1994; Pike 1980, 1988; Ivanov 1992) (Fig.

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