More Short Stories for Children by Jagdish Joshi, Illustrator

By Jagdish Joshi, Illustrator

A suite of eighteen tales set in India, together with "Five Ghosts," "Bangle-Seller," "Bird-Watcher," and "Sandalwood Trees."

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The houses thinned out and on both sides of the road, the jungle took over. The ground was covered with a kind of red clay that blew in great clouds under the wheels of the tourer. The same dust had coated the trees and they looked strange—half green, half red. I think we weie passing through a particularly dense bit of jungle when the first tyre got punctured. Diler Singh worked at lightning speed to fix it. But the second punctuie took longer because it was more like a burst tyre and we had to wait at a wayside shop for the tube to be repaired.

Lovy too came up to Suman. She was looking rather embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Suman," she stammered. "I read that poem that day. You know I've only to read a thing like this once to get it by heart. I . . I felt it would make a beautiful song, but I felt too that if I asked you, you wouldn't have allowed me. " Suman knew Lovy was right. "It doesn't matter," she replied and, looking straight at Lovy, smiled. Lovy smiled back. 41 FROTH AND FURY It was a wintry afternoon. Most students in our Darjeeling school bunked classes to frolic at the Winter Festival.

Fischer was so startled, she dropped her napkin. The next day, Dr. Rao and Cyril woke up before dawn and walked to the oak tree. Cyril was happy because he had Dr. Rao's spare binoculars with him. Soon day broke and the birds began to twitter and stir out of their nests. The black birds came out too. Immediately Dr. Rao and Cyril focussed their binoculars on them. After a while Dr. Rao cried excitedly, "Hurrah, Cyril! They really are black robins. " Cyril climbed up. "Uncle, there are two eggs," he shouted from the tree-top.

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