Modern chemistry: Systematic chemistry by William Ramsay

By William Ramsay

This Elibron Classics booklet is a facsimile reprint of a 1903 version by means of J. M. Dent & Co., London.

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They cannot be collected over water, for they are readily soluble in it. The compound termed hydrazoic acid (from the 3, French term for nitrogen, "azote"), is also liberated in able to use phosphoric acid, : H PO HN the gaseous form by acid. (3) warming its sodium salt with sulphuric readily soluble in water. e. the hydroxide of one of the metals of the sodium It is true that the change may be or the calcium group. produced by other hydroxides, but they are not so efficient, and not so generally employed.

Where they are of special interest, they will be alluded to in the sequel. The characteristic of the halides of the elements of group is that they are all soluble white salts, In dilute solution they are all ioncrystallising in cubes. ised, and even in strong solution a large percentage of ions Hence they all react as metal ions and as haloare present. Thus, for instance, with silver nitrate, which is gen ions. Aq + AgCl. Practically insoluble, and therefore practically non-ionised, silver chloride is precipitated, and free ions of sodium and the nitrate solutions are group remain in solution.

They fall into classes when the elements are arranged according to the periodic system. we have Taking the chlorides as typical of the the following table halides, : HC1 BeCl 2 BC1 3 CC1 4 NaCl MgClo A1C1 3 SiCl 4 LiCl KC1 CaCl 2 ScCl3 TiCl 4 RbCl SrCl 2 YC13 ZrCl 4 CsCl BaCl 2" LaCl 3 CeCl 4 YbCl, ... NC1 3 PC1 5 PC1 3 SF6 AsCl 3 ... SbCl 5 SbCl 3 ErCl 3 ... ThQ 4 SC1 4 OC1 2 ... FC1? SC1 2 ... C1C1 ... SeCl 4 ... TeCl 4 TeCl 2 IC1 3 BiCl 3 CrCl 2 MnCl 3 CuCl ZnClo GaCL GeCl 4 VC1 5 VC1 3 AgCl CdCf2 InCl 3 SnCl 4 NbCl 5 NbCl 3 ...

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