Minerals, Inclusions, and Volcanic Processess by Keith Putirka, Frank Tepley

By Keith Putirka, Frank Tepley

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The general forms of the nucleation and growth rate dependence on ∆Teff obtained at 168 h dwell times (Fig. 14) provide an explanation for the variable approach to equilibrium. 00E-08 168 h Figure 14. Plagioclase nucleation rates (a) and growth (b) rates following isothermal, single-step decompression + dwell periods of 8 and 168 h from Hammer and Rutherford (2002), open symbols, and Couch (2003), filled symbols. (a) For a given dwell time, nucleation rates vary strongly with final pressure, displaying a maximum at low pressures.

Applied by an instantaneous drop in temperature). Olivine nucleates heterogeneously on the Pt impurities, and grows into crystals defined as polyhedral, tabular, hopper, “baby swallowtail,” or swallowtail (Fig. 11) depending on nominal undercooling and cooling rate. At low cooling rates, crystal morphology is a function of both variables, while above 47 °C h−1 crystal morphology is sensitive only to the degree of nominal undercooling. An important result of the crystallographic investigation is that during formation of hopper crystals, growth is slowest along [010] and fastest along [100].

1999) in describing the approach to equilibrium of cooling MORB. Kinetic effects, such as the functional dependence of crystal growth on ∆Teff and the presence of the nucleation energy barrier, manifestly control progress toward chemical equilibrium. Seeded experiments. 2 0 ve e q u i l ibr i u m c u r 1 -7 e multistep 0 50 100 150 final pressure (MPa) 200 250 Figure 15. Comparison of equilibrium crystal content with experimental samples. Single-step decompressions followed by 168 h dwell times (closed circles) result in greater crystal contents than multi-step decompressions at similar integrated decompression rates (open squares) for all final pressured Figure 15.

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