Middle Ages Reference Library Vol 1 Almanac by Judson Knight; Judy Galens

By Judson Knight; Judy Galens

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Designing the Seaside: Architecture, Society and Nature

In Alfred Hitchcock’s To seize a Thief , a beach hotel used to be the environment for thievery and intrigue. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tap-danced their method to status at a Brighton lodge in The homosexual Divorcee . The seashore hotel has continually held a different fascination, a spot of containment and relaxation that has a special shape within the actual panorama: towering motels, shop-lined boardwalks, and sprawling seashores.

Architecture of France

Masking all areas of France, from Avignons Palace of the Popes to Versailles Petit Trianon, and all sessions of French structure, from the Roman theater at Orange to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, this quantity examines greater than 60 of Frances most crucial architectural landmarks. Writing in a transparent and fascinating variety, David Hanser, professor of structure at Oklahoma kingdom college, describes the positive factors, services, and old significance of every constitution.

Earth Moves: The Furnishing of Territories (Writing Architecture)

Earth strikes, Bernard Cache's first significant paintings, conceptualizes a sequence of architectural pictures as automobiles for 2 vital advancements. First, he bargains a new figuring out of the architectural photograph itself. Following Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson, he develops an account of the picture that's nonrepresentational and constructive--images as ingredients of a main, picture global, of which subjectivity itself is a unique type of photo.

Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-making

This quantity attracts jointly essays by way of major artwork specialists watching the dramatic advancements in Asian artwork and exhibitions within the final 20 years. The authors discover new nearby and worldwide connections and new methods of knowing modern Asian paintings within the twenty-first century. The essays coalesce round 4 key subject matters: world-making; intra-Asian neighborhood connections; art’s affective skill in cross-cultural engagement; and Australia’s cultural connections with Asia.

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The HsiungNu began moving westward, leaving a trail of death and destruction as they went. D. 300s gave them a new name: Huns. For more than a century, the very word “Hun” was a synonym for terror. Meanwhile, a number of other tribal groups emerged in Europe. There were the Gauls, or Celts (KELTZ), who lived in what is now France and the British Isles. Farther east and north were other groups, so many that the Romans had long before given up trying to distinguish between them. They all seemed to have blond hair and blue eyes; therefore the Romans called them by a word that, in the Latin language, meant “related”: Germanus.

Roman Emperors: De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors. salve. htm (last accessed July 28, 2000). Roman Sites—Gateway to 1,849 Websites on Ancient Rome. html (last accessed July 28, 2000). Rome Resources. org/groups/rome/ (last accessed July 28, 2000). The Merovingian Age 3 W estern Europe includes what is now Germany and Italy, the countries between them such as Switzerland and Austria, and lands to the west, including France, Britain, and Spain. At the beginning of medieval times, however, few of these nations existed; only during the course of the Early Middle Ages (c.

Up to 14 Middle Ages: Almanac Because the Visigoths were relatively peaceful and civilized—though that would change in time—the Romans’ treatment of them was particularly cruel. This says a great deal about the moral character of the Romans; so too does the fact that the Visigoths were able to bribe Roman officials into letting them keep their weapons. In the end, the Visigoths revolted, and began overrunning the region, burning and looting as they went. In 378, Valens lost his life in a battle with the Visigoths, a battle that according to one historian was the worst Roman defeat in nearly six hundred years.

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