Microporous and Mesoporous Materials by Reza Sabet Dariani

By Reza Sabet Dariani

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Low-silica zeolites are unstable in acid, whereas high-silica zeolites (Si/Al ratio ≥ 10) are stable in boiling mineral acids, though unstable is basic solutions. Low-silica zeolites tend to have structures with 4, 6, and 8 rings, whereas more siliceous zeolites contain 5-ring structure. Low-silica zeolites are hydrophilic, whereas highsilica zeolites are hydrophobic [15]. 23 24 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials Figure 1. Structure of zeolite. The properties of the porous materials depend both on the chemistry of the framework and the pore structures (Figure 1).

5–4, maybe softer on cleavage surfaces. 2 (very light). 2. Stilbite The name, stilbite, is derived from the Greek word for mirror in allusion to its luster on the cleavage plane. The occurrences of stilbite are mentioned since 1801 by Haüy. 5772/62347 nonframework cation and stilbite-Na is a species with the type example from Capo Pula, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy [28]. Stilbite-Ca is a common zeolite, while stilbite-Na is rare. Stilbite-Ca occurs in fractures and other cavities in basaltic rocks.

Inhaling large amounts of zinc (as zinc dust or fumes from smelting or welding) can cause a specific short-term disease called metal fume fever, which is generally reversible once exposure to zinc ceases [30]. 5772/62347 2. Characteristics of materials Particle characterization reveals information on the physical and chemical nature of natural zeolite particles, which is related to its ability to remove heavy metal ions from solution. Two types of natural raw materials were used in a recent study for removal of heavy metals such as lead and zinc.

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