M1 Abrams in Action - Armor No. 26 by Jim Mesko

By Jim Mesko

Armor #26

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In February 1943, a demonstration flight of the H 11 Id was arranged for Prandtl, Professor Dr. Albert Betz and others, in which Heinz Scheidhauer proved those fears groundless. Scheidhauer performed various manoeuvres with the motorglider - pulling the nose up until the airspeed was zero, then putting it down to regain speed and control response showing no tendency to enter a spin. These manoeuvres were all flown at the dangerous height of no more than ten metres and were all safely executed without any loss of height.

To ease the transition of pilots to the high-performance H IV, an H Illb was modified into the H 11 If with a prone pilot position. In less than a year since midsummer 1943, this glider had accumulated 100 flying hours at the Klippeneck glider school at the Schwäbische Alb. At last, on 28 September 1943 the Horten brothers were summoned to Göring's Karinhall residence to present their '1000-1000-1000' proposal. What they showed to the Reichsmarschall was certainly one of the most unusual aircraft ever conceived...

Kurt Tank, Hans Multhopp and Alexander Lippisch presented pro and counter arguments, while several professors from Darmstadt, Braunschweig and Berlin-Adlershof immediately dismissed the concept offhand. Schmitz, but no mention of the 'bellshaped lift distribution' theory was documented in the conference's papers. Nevertheless, no less than half a year had been lost for the H IX project since March 1943, for which the Hortens later alternatively blamed either Diesing's slow decision-making, or their own numerous works-in-progress.

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